44th wintry’s Marvejols-Mende

This Sunday, at 1PM, the departure of wintry edition of Marvejols-Mende has been given by both Jean-Claude MOULIN (President of the association) and Marcel MERLE (Mayor of Marvejols’ town).

The weather was nice, and with a radious sun shining, participants lauch them onto the route.

During the race, volunteers were preparing the traditional mulled wine : Alain SOBLECHERO, Michel ARTES, Alain and Chantal SAVOIE, Marie-France FERAY and Paul LABEAUME welcomed the runners of this friendly sporting encounter, on Foirail’s place in Mende.
A chalourous time during which the famous proverb ” the perf ‘ all right, celebrate at first ” was well there!
Results :
1. Michel BESSIERE, Mende, 1h49’’,
2. Jean-Marc MAURIN, Mende, 1h51’’,
3. Didier TEISSIER, Mende, 1h53’20’,
4. Yves BOULET, Trotteurs d’en Laure, 1h55’30’,
5. Philippe ARTIGAS, Mende, 1h58’’,
6. Alain CHARRADE, Clermont Ferrand, 1h58’05’,
7. Pascal DURAND, Mende, 2h00’’,
8. Joël FAGES, MC Marvejols, 2h01’28’,
9. Michel PRADEILLES, Mende, 2h01’50’,
10. Alain NEGRE, Marvejols, 2h05’38’,
11. Pascal GERARD, Eveil Mendois, 2h09’’,
12. Eugénie MONTEIL, Salta Bartas, 2h09’10’,
13. Gauthier MONTEIL, Salta Bartas, 2h09’10’,
14. François-Xavier FABRE, St Bauzile, 2h12’’,
15. Didier BADUEL, MC Marvejols, 2h14’30’,
16. Patrice LHOMEDE, Marvejols, 2h17’50’,
17. Sophie TOURREAU, MAG Marvejols, 2h15’43’,
18. Michel VIEILLEDENT, MAG Marvejols, 2h17’50’,
19. Jean-Luc URBAN, Vélo Club Mende, 2h17’50’,
20. Philippe TRIQUOIRE, Marvejols, 2h19’’,
21. Emmanuel MARTIN, Mende, 2h19’’,
22. Thibaud MARTIN, Mende, 2h19’’,
23. Laurent BRILHAUT, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
24. Ludovic MOULIN, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
25. Florent TOUBOUL, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
26. Michel GALIBERT, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
27. David MADRIERES, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
28. Bruno FONTIBUS, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
29. Cathy THUIN, MAG Marvejols, 2h20’’,
30. Olivier ARMARD, Barjac, 2h20’’,
31. David PLANES, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
32. Dominique CAYROCHE, MC Marvejols, 2h20’’,
33. Martial MALET, Mende, 2h28’’,
34. Yannick GAILLARDON, Mende, 2h29’’,
35. Pierre BOUDET,MC Marvejols, 3h00’’

walking : Odile MARRE, Ghislaine HUGON, Josette and Karine LEBEAUME in 4h.
Half-route : Anne MOULIN and Floriane JULIEN
Part of the route : Morgan MALET

5 or 6 participants started 40min before.