Registration is allowed !

Before registering, think of arming yourselves of:
– Your athletics license or your medical certificate ( jpg, png or pdf),
– Your credit card or your paypal’s codes.

On-line payment :

paiement paypal et autres
Payment will occured
via PayPal system

You will get 2 options of payment :

1. Payment by your PayPal account (click on : Payer avec votre compte Paypal)

2. Payment with your Credit card paiementautrescartesbleues(click on : Vous n’avez pas de compte Paypal ?)
You will pay your registration directly with your credit cart, without paypal’s account.

Thanks for following well the procedure up to the end, by using only the buttons present in the window.

To note: transaction fees : 3.6 % of your command + €0.25.