Regulation of the 48th MARVEJOLS-MENDE

Marvejols-Mende Sunday, July the 19th, 2020
Half-marathon (22.4 km) and walk (22.4 km)
Starting at 9h O’clock for the race,
at 8h O’clock for dot for the walk

Half-marathon Marvejols-Mende – Café de la Paix – BP 93 – 48001 MENDE Cedex – FRANCE

(a) ranking :
Attention, check the categories on our regulation because they are specific to Marvejols-Mende, which honours the parity of genders since its inception.

Individual ranking in each category.

Men: Young, born in 2001 and after / Seniors, born between 81 and 2000 / Masters 1, born between 71 and 80 / Masters 2, born between 61 and 70 / Masters 3, born between 51 and 60 / Old Pumps, born in 50 and before.

Women: Young, born in 2001 and after / Seniors, born between 81 and 2000 / Masters 1, born between 71 and 80 / Masters 2, born between 61 and 70 / Masters 3, born between 51 and 60 / Old Pumps, born in 50 and before.

Teams base only on French Athletics Federation (F.F.A): on 4 runners for men and women.
These challenges by team will be financially primed, detail on request.
Competitors starting at 8h (Rando-walk) do not be included into rankings.
FFA licensees must run for their FFA club.

(b) medical attest
Medical certificate or copy of license must be provided while registering by mail with the form,  or load it online registration.
-Licensees : copy of your athletics licence (valid) to join.
-Other competition licences accepted: on which should appear, by all means, the indication “is able to practice athletics/running in competition “: valid to the 19th of July, 2020.
-Un-licensees : compulsory : medical certificate of non counter-indication to practice athletics or running in competition, dating from less than a year to 19/07/2020 or its photocopy to enclose the registration.
-Walk: not requested, it is not a competition.

(c) supplies:
6 posts installed all 4 km, plus one on arrival. These 6 positions are also provided with a ‘first aid ‘ point.

(d) equipment / accessibility:
Only the organisation vehicles are allowed on the route.
Walking sticks and bicycles are prohibited on the route.
Dogs are not allowed on the event.

Fixed at 25 € until the 30th of June (“cheque to the order of: “Marvejols-Mende”).
30€ from the 1st of July 1 (maximum 600 walkers).
Online registration: fees are identical to registration by post excluding transaction costs.
The payment will be made online by credit card.
Registration will be taken into account only accompanied to its payment and the medical certificate.
Exclusivity for Foreign participants : if you have no possibility to pay online, or by post, you will have the possibility to pay on site, at the holding of your bib number.

-Opening date of entries:
By post : The 29th of December 2019 (registration form to sent to the organizer)
Online: The 4th of January 2020 (registration on the website)
-Closing date for entries by post and online on the 19th of July 2020.
-Registration on-site (welcoming points of Marvejols and Mende): On the 17th and 18th of July 2020
No registration will be accepted on Sunday morning.
No registration will be taken by phone or by e-mail.

Check of your registration on:
(regular update from the 1st of March).

(a) Elite bib numbers :
These numbers allow the 200 athletes who get theses numbers to be placed at the front of the peloton.
You can asked for it by writing to us before the 1st of July. No possible changes after that date.
Performances which are necessary to obtain this kind of numbers – here under :

2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019
on qualifying Marathon
 Youth & Seniors M. 1 h 29′ 1 h 12′
Youth & Seniors F. 1 h 48′ 1 h 28′
Masters 1 Men 1 h 32′ 1 h 15′
Masters 1, 2, 3 Women 1 h 50′ 1 h 30′
Masters 2 and 3 Men 1 h 38 ‘ 1 h 20′

(b) disabled:
Considering the difficulty of the race and at the request of Federal judges-arbitrators, the race is not allowed to wheelchairs.
Earlier departure (5min before the race) for the sight-impaired and other disabled without Chair.

For young people under 18, parental consent must be joined to registration.
Model of parental consent is available on our website.

Will be into welcoming points, either in Mende or Marvejols as indicated on your registration form. Your identity card or passport must be presented to remove bibs. On Sunday morning (19th) all the remaining numbers will be distributed in Marvejols only. No bib number or confirmation of registration will be sent.
Participants who did not provided a valid medical certificate or copy of license when registering must present it in order to obtain their bib number.
Opening hours of the reception points / holding of the bib:
In Marvejols, at the “Salle Polyvalente” (Esplanade) :
The 17th of July : from 17h to 19h and the 18th of July from 9h to 11h30 and 14h00 to 21h30.
In Mende, on Foirail’s place :
The 17th of July : from 17h to 20h and the 18th of July from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 21h30.

Medical (doctors, rescue workers and ambulances) will be in place on the route and at the finish line.

No refund will be made.

The organizers are covered by an organizer liability insurance. Licensees enjoy the guarantees by their insurance. It is the responsibility of other participants to make sure that they are personally covered.

Cut-off time of arrival: 13h (1PM) for all competitors
Only competitors are allowed to cross the finish line.
Race (competitors covering the route in less than 4h): from 8h30 all competitors must be present on the starting line where a score will be made.
Rando-walk: reserved for persons who may cover the route in more of 4h and less than 5h. Into Chabrits’ provisionning (km18) first walkers would have to wait for the passage of first 100 runners, if necessary they will be temporarily stopped.

The complete results will be showed on Sunday as their edition.
Each participant will receive the results’ paper after the race.
Ranking will be posted on:
and on the Marvejols-Mende’s Facebook page.

Doping tests may be carried out.

The competitors allow the organizers, partners and the media to use fixed or audiovisual images on which they might appear, taken on the occasion of their participation in the events, on all media, worldwide and for an unlimited period.
The law n ° 78-17 of 6/01/78 relating to computing, files and freedoms, guarantees to individuals a right of access and rectification for information about them. This right of access can be exercised towards Marvejols-Mende organization. You can object to the transfer of your name and address in writing to us.

The decisions taken by the Organization at all level, cannot be contested.

In case of major force, the organiser may at any moment put end to the event. Participants will be warned by all possible means, they will then have to adhere strictly to the guidelines of the organization. Failure to observe these instructions, will lead to the end of the organiser’s responsibility. The participant would then have no possibility to pretent to be refunded, nor to get any indemnity on this account. The organiser reserves him the right to cancel the event either at the request of the administrative authority, or force majeure. Participants cannot claim any indemnity on this account.