Welcoming – Bib Numbers


Will be into welcoming points, either in Mende or Marvejols as indicated on your registration form. Your identity card or passport must be presented to remove bibs. On Sunday morning (19th) all the remaining numbers will be distributed in Marvejols only. No bib number or confirmation of registration will be sent.
Participants who did not provided a valid medical certificate or copy of license when registering must present it in order to obtain their bib number.

Opening hours of the reception points / holding of the bib:
In Marvejols, at the “Salle Polyvalente” (Esplanade) :
The 18th of July : from 17h to 19h and the 19th of July from 9h to 11h30 and 14h00 to 21h30.
In Mende, on Foirail’s place :
The 18th  of July : from 17h to 20h and the 19th of July from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 21h30.

Usual questions :

Where do I pick up my race number ? check your registration, it appears on the last line.
Where do I stay ? – at the picking up of you bib number all information will be given to you (stand “hébergement”)
Do I provide my medical attest/license ? – a doupt ? bring a copy with you, at worse, it will be unusal.

  • BUSES between Mende and Marvejols (access for participants only)

Free service for all the participants of Marvejols-Mende (Half-Marathon and Walk)

Departure of buses will be along “allée Piencourt” in front of the Townhall.

Before the Event :
First bus will left at 5h20 AM, last one at 7h30 AM.

After the Event :
Coming back to Marvejols is insure at 12h, 12h30, 13h00 (1PM), 13h30(1.30PM)

For children :
A bus leave at 6h45 from Marvejols to transport children who run Baby or Mini Marathons into Mende.

  • BAGAGERIE : your personal effects will be transported from Marvejols to Mende

Give up your bag/effects to the organization (No bag will be provided by the organization) , close to the welcoming point in Marvejols (dedicated luggage van).
You will find them back at your arrival in Mende : Antirouille – you will


There are 6 provisionning points on the route, located 4 in 4km (approximately) + one on the arrival place.
Each point is provided with a medical post (nurse, fire brigades), mobile doctors on the route, signalers in the intersections.
Sponges will be available at Goudard village and Chabrits (fountains). Each supply station has a rescue station (nurse, firefighters), mobile doctors along the way, signallers at intersections.

  • SHOWERS : Mende

Located into Mende’s gymnasium “allée Piencourt” (free access) follow the signs “douches“.