The 2020 edition of Marvejols Mende will not take place

The 48th edition which was to be a big celebration, is postponed to Sunday July 25, 2021.
Our concern was first to notify registered competitors and partners by mail.
We have waited until today, while continuing to prepare for the event, even in slow motion, hoping that the country’s health situation will improve to allow for an unrestricted summer. It is not so.
We do not have the authorizations of the state services.

This terrible decision (never stopped in 47 years of existence) also has consequences on the sustainability of the Association.
Part of the budget has already been committed.

“Organizing this big celebration of running in stress, uncertainty and the risk to your health is not possible. Running can only be the most important passion of secondary things.
Take care of yourself and yours to run, soon, even better, faster, longer, more fraternally still. “

Like our friends in the Legendary Races Challenge: Montée du Poupet (Jura) and Descente de la Lesse (Belgium), we postpone all these festivities that we will further consolidate with more new products on Sunday July 25, 2021 for a real and beautiful 48th edition.