Marvejols-Mende volunteers in Ukraine

First visit of the Marvejols-Mende volunteers originating from Lozère to the Sergey Paniasiuk’s race in Kovel (Ukraine). 

Every year, we’re lucky to welcome Sergey along with his large team of runners (among which some of the best Ukrainian runners) to our Marvejols-Mende half marathon, and this 45th edition this year is no exception!

With their strong sense of hospitality, of kindness and celebrations, they invited 5 Lozère runners this year to participate to the half-marathon. These 5 guests were treated like kings!

We’re looking forward meeting up again with this team of cheerful Ukrainians in July!

Long live Ukraine! Long live friendship! Long live running races!

And thank you for these unforgettable moments!